2013: Presentation at the EMRS conference on plasma oxidation
2013: SemiCon Europa: Presentation at the 450 mm Session
2014: SemiCon Europa: Poster at the EEMI450 booth on scaling to 450 mm
2014: Presentation at the APCM Conference
2015: German RTP users group meeting – presentation on plasma oxidation of silicon carbide
2016: ECS conference in San Diego - presentation on low-temperature microwave-based plasma oxidation of Ge and oxidation of silicon followed by plasma oxidation at the
Presentation at the Wodim conference in Catania on oxidation of Germanium at low-temperature by plasma enhanced processing
SISPAD in Nürnberg - presentation on equipment simulation for studying the growth rate and its uniformity of oxide layers deposited by plasma-enhanced oxidation
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Data Sheets

  • 003350_23-Pyrometer_2016-06-09
  • 003350_27-Pyrometer_2014-0925
  • 003580-Thermopile_2015-01-19
  • 003540b-Plasmastick-V3b
  • 003620-Plasma-Sensor
  • 003715-Befestigung Sichtglas Pyro
  • PN1008 TEC Amp
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