Fully automated 300 mm single wafer processing tool for low-temperature plasma oxidation and nitridation

300 mm Hyperion Plasma Oxidation System

Manual plasma oxidation tool

Manual Plasma Oxidation System

Plasma chamber cross section

Plasma Oxidation Chamber Cross-section

Rapid Thermal Processing, RTP, chamber cross section

RTP Chamber Cross-section

Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

HQ-Dielectrics® Hyperion systems are low-temperature microwave plasma oxidation and nitridation equipment, with an optional lower tungsten halogen lamp field for additional and separate rapid thermal heating. They are available for wafer sizes ranging from 50 mm to 300 mm.
The HemeraHT rapid thermal processing equipment (RTP) is based on the same chamber concept and is currently available for wafer sizes up to 200 mm with manual and automated wafer loading. We also developed related automatic handling systems (equipment front end module, EFEM) including fab automation for up to 300 mm wafer size. In case of small wafer sizes (50 – 100 mm) also multi wafer processing is possible. Automatic or manual loading systems to upgrade processing tools are available too.

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HQ-Dielectrics pyrometer Simulation of non-uniformity in a pyrometer


HQ-Dielectrics® offers various pyrometers. Different measurement wavelengths and bandwidths are available. Different sensor types and measurement principles cover the whole range between room temperature and 1700 °C.
The main focus of our pyrometer development is on intrinsic stability and accuracy with unique background signal minimization. Our pyrometers provide output signals equivalent to the incoming radiation over several orders of magnitude independent from distance between object and pyrometer. Various pyrometer specific signals and parameters to ensure the stability of the pyrometer itself are monitored.
Our pyrometers are applied in FEoL equipment like Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP) tools or plasma oxidation/nitridation equipments.
The calculation of corresponding temperature and emissivity is customer and application specific. Please contact us for further information or in case of questions.

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HQ-D proprietary plasma stick Ignited plasma from plasma sticks

Plasma Sticks

HQ-Dielectrics® invented unique plasma sticks for SoftIgnite® microwave plasma generation. Arranging several sticks in an array creates an extremely uniform plasma over a wide area, e.g. for uniform wafer processing up to 450 mm, solar panel processing, or thin film transistor (TFT) display oxidation. The patented technology enables in-situ tuning of plasma uniformity as well as easy transition between different plasma modes. The plasma source is dedicated for growth and deposition of dielectric materials as well as plasma etching.
Plasma sticks are offered also as complete sets including magnetrons and power supplies.

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Microwave-Plasma Sensor HQ-Sens PL

Plasma/ Microwave Sensors

Sensing of plasma ignition in plasma processing systems is mandatory.
Our sensors measure the microwave radiation inside the process chamber. Vice versa in case of microwave plasma ignition a strong absorption of the microwave and almost no remaining radiation is detectable inside the process chamber. Please contact us for application details.

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