From Engineering to Technology

Out of a technology specification via a concept and feasibility phase HQ-Dielectrics® designs and engineers production equipment. From a first idea to a customer-specific solution. Please come to us with your equipment idea/specification.

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Project and Industrial Development

HQ-Dielectrics® offers engineering support and service for all stages of product development and manufacturing. Our customers benefit from advice based on years of experience and our independent position to gain deep insights into all aspects of the production chain. Our focused project support can be applied to the following areas:

  • Plasma generation and application consulting and products
  • Process development for Front End of Line (FEoL) and Back End of Line (BEoL) technology
  • Design of Experiment (DoE), Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA), Basic Engineering
  • Automation design including fab automation
  • Alternative process evaluation
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Based upon our broad production experience in semiconductor processing we offer courses in:

  • Technology and process application training for rapid thermal¬†processing (RTP) and plasma oxidation
  • General training covering aspects of RTP designs like heating chambers and temperature measurement
  • Details in process technology from silicide formation through implant activation (soak, spike and flash annealing) and¬†oxidation to high temperature bulk material modification processes
  • Deep insights into rapid thermal¬†processing technology for wide band gap semiconductors, like SiC, GaN, GaAs and others
  • Basic overview training of silicon device technology, inlcuding materials and processing overview
  • RTP Course: "Theory and Practice", edited by Dr. J. Niess, co-editing: Dr. Z. Nenyei et al., 16th Edition, Q2/2020

Standardized training plans are available for managers, for engineers, and for technicans. Personalized training plans upon request.

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We not only provide excellent products and manufacturing equipment, but additionally transfer our understanding of synergy between process, materials, and systems technology to the end users, in order to facilitate the most efficient use of our products.
This approach supplies tailored solutions and enables our customers to optimize their own processes in conjunction with modified targets compared to an initial state at the tools delivery.
Our process and technology development expertise encompasses various production steps in the semiconductor and PV value chain, and we are happy to share that with our customers along with our core focus described above.
Beyond the Know-how transfer and consulting in conjunction with our systems we also provide general consulting on process technology and systems evaluation in the areas of rapid thermal processing and plasma oxidation.

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Refurbishment of used equipment

We are happy to help you with your used RTP equipment (Mattson and others). We provide re-start-ups, refurbishment and repair.

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US and World Wide Support

In order to further improve our US customers support, we entered into a partnership with RTPRepair. RTPRepair will help us to provide faster response time and onsite support as well as spare parts availability all over US and worldwide.

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