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Publications and Conferences

  • 2008: Rapid Thermal Processing and Beyond: Applications in Semiconductor Processing, ed. By W. Lerch, J. Nieß, Materials Science Forum Vols. 573-574 (2008), ISBN 0-87849-391-3
  • 2012: Presentation at the Spring ElectroChemical Society (ECS) meeting in Seattle, WA on “Scaling requires continuous innovation in thermal processing: Low-Temperature Plasma Oxidation”
  • 2013: Presentation at the EMRS conference in Strasbourg on “Low-temperature plasma oxidation for advanced 3D CMOS-based devices”
  • 2013: SEMICON Europa, presentation on “Scaling to 450 mm wafer size requires continuous innovation in thermal processing: low-temperature plasma oxidation”
  • 2014: SEMICON Europa, poster at the EEMI450 booth on scaling to 450 mm
  • 2014: Presentation at the APCM conference on “Application of Virtual Metrology Techniques to Combine Process Information from DOEs and Individual Experiments Performed During Equipment Assessment”
  • 2015: German RTP users group meeting – presentation on plasma oxidation of silicon carbide
  • 2016: W. Lerch, T. Schick, N. Sacher, W. Kegel, J. Niess, M. Czernohorsky, S. Riedel: “Low-temperature Microwave-based Plasma Oxidation of Ge and Oxidation of Silicon followed by Plasma Oxidation”, ECS Transactions, 72(4), 101-114 (2016)
  • 2016: Presentation at Wodim 2016: W. Lerch, N. Sacher, W. Kegel, J. Niess, M. Czernohorsky:: “Oxidation of Germanium at Low-temperature by Plasma Enhanced Processing“, will be published in Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B, Jan/Feb. Issue 2017
  • 2016: Presentation at SISPAD 2016: E. Baer, J. Niess: „ Equipment Simulation for Studying the Growth Rate and its Uniformity of Oxide Layers Deposited by Plasma-Enhanced Oxidation”, to be published in SISPAD 2016 proceedings: 978-1-5090-0818-6/16, © 2016 IEEE
  • 2017: M. Czernohorsky, K. Seidel, K. Kühnel, J. Niess, N. Sacher, W. Kegel, W. Lerch: “High-K metal gate stacks with ultra-thin interfacial layers formed by low temperature microwave-based plasma oxidation”, Microelectronic Engineering 178 (2017) 262–265
  • 2019: F. Feldmann, J. Schön, J. Niess, W. Lerch, M. Hermle, “Studying dopant diffusion from Poly-Si passivating contacts”, Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 200 (2019) 109978