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High Quality Dielectrics

We are an independent German company with unique expertise in equipment engineering, manufacturing and technology development for the semiconductor production value chain. We supply solutions for front-end of line (FEoL) processing in thin film technologies and innovative process engineering.

HQ-Dielectrics® supports new and existing projects with its technology know-how and develops new manufacturing tools or parts for mass production and refurbishes or adapts automation solutions for existing production lines (150 mm and smaller, up to 300 mm and also 450 mm). This includes fab automation based on SEMI standards.

We are also partner in various EU funded projects for leading edge technology and semiconductor equipment assessment.
HQ-Dielectrics® develops process technology to constantly improve the oxide reliability on Si and SiC substrates for high performance chips in the manufacturing production sequences. Basis for that is our industrial experience in semiconductor manufacturing value chain.

HQ-Dielectrics® GmbH is committed to the continuous innovation and production of current and future leading-edge process equipment for high-quality dielectrics for our customers in micro- and nanotechnology.

We offer dielectrics technology innovations to help our customers succeed!


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